Willingness opens the door for change


She Will Counseling offers a safe space to learn how to become more willing in life. To be willing is to become more accepting and not to fight against what is happening. This seems counter intuitive for most, because there are parts of life we feel we should not accept. However, willingness allows us to open our minds to find wise solutions, rather than focusing on how much we can’t stand the situation. It also opens our hearts to the serenity of accepting what we cannot change. This invites a peace into our lives which can make us feel more fulfilled, productive, and joyful.

Healing is possible. Let’s start together.

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I’m for you if

You have a desire to connect with your most authentic self

You need support with overcoming mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression

You are interested in mind, body and spiritual healing

Every situation properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal.
— A Course In Miracles